China Die Casting Factory Has Integrated Into The Contemporary Processing Industry

Update:01 Jul 2020

Aluminum die casting is a high-precision spare parts production technology with the most common application, faster development trend, the best technology and the highest efficiency, which is integrated with the development trend of complex, precise, lightweight, environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon and environmental protection in contemporary processing industry. As a heat treatment technology of metal materials with less drilling and close to non-drilling condensation molding, the molding products of China Die Casting Factory have many advantages such as light material, strong wear resistance, high impact toughness, good heat conduction and conductivity, high temperature bearing, beautiful surface, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, and are widely used in high-precision electronic components such as cars, household appliances, airlines and mechanical equipment.

Castings can be mainly divided into aluminum alloy die castings, zinc alloy die castings and magnesium alloy die castings, and aluminum alloy die castings dominate in terms of casting quantity.

In recent years, with the development trend of the world economy, many industries, such as cars, 3C commodities, basic communication machinery and equipment, electrical products, medical devices and so on, have continuously increased their requirements for precision die castings. For capitalist countries, because of their leading advantages in weaponry and technical strength, their aluminum die casting industry is usually dominated by high-quality and high-efficiency aluminum die casting such as cars, communications and airlines.

In China, the production of car castings has already accounted for more than 70% of the total production of castings in China. However, in recent years, the greatly improved new energy requirements for automobiles have promoted the rapid development trend of the automobile aluminum alloy profile precision die casting industry chain, and aluminum alloy die castings play a very key role in the automobile industry. In the recent two years, aluminum alloy die castings account for about 80% of the use of car castings in China.

In recent years, the aluminum die casting manufacturing industry in China has maintained a sustained growth of about 10% over the years. In 2012, the casting production in China reached 2 million tons. In 2014, the casting production in China exceeded 2.6 million tons, with a year-on-year growth rate of 10.64%. By 2016, the casting production in China will reach 3 million tons and will remain 395 in 2018.

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