Effect Of Cooling Rate On Properties Of China Lead Die Casting

Update:10 Jul 2020

The cooling rate has a significant influence on the performance of China Lead Die Casting. Only by correctly grasping the cooling rate of lead die casting can lead die casting achieve the required quality and improve the quality of castings.

Cooling speed will definitely affect the quality of lead die casting. Cooling of lead die casting is a process of expanding with heat and shrinking with cold. If one part of lead die casting shrinks quickly and another part shrinks slowly, it will lead to casting deformation and casting defects due to internal stress.

In addition, the cooling speed will affect the internal crystal structure of lead die casting. The faster the cooling speed, the lower the actual crystallization temperature and the greater the supercooling degree. On the contrary, the slower the cooling rate is, the smaller the supercooling degree is, and the actual crystallization temperature is closer to the theoretical crystallization temperature. When the cooling rate is high, the grains of castings are finer.

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