Issues of industrial aluminum extrusion processing

Update:21 Dec 2019

China's industrial aluminum profile processing materials have about 300 alloys and 1,500 varieties, and it is one of the countries with rich product varieties in the world. Among the many varieties of aluminum processing materials, a large number of international advanced products and national brand-name products have emerged, representing the mainstream direction of the development and application of modern aluminum processing technology in China. China's aluminum processing technology is characterized by coexistence with backwardness, and the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises' technology and equipment still remain at the level of the 1970s and 1990s. As a result, the current situation of China's aluminum processing industry is large but not strong, small and not refined, so that some high, fine and sharp aluminum materials required by the national economy and modern science still rely on the passive situation of foreign imports.
         Scrap elimination methods appear in the extrusion process of industrial aluminum profiles:
   The size of the fit between the squeeze cylinder and the extrusion pad should not exceed 0.1mm, and the working part and the non-working part of the squeeze cylinder (the chamfer opening of the extrusion cylinder feed port) should not exceed 1.0mm. Industrial aluminum profile extrusion die work with smooth and toothless mouth, hardness guaranteed. The quality of the aluminum rod is qualified, and the extrusion process of the industrial aluminum profile is correct.

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