Inspection Standards For Die Castings Of Chinese Die Casting Factory

Update:01 Jul 2022

Die Castings are something we all use or see in our daily lives, so do you know the inspection rules for this thing?

Inspection rules for die castings   

(1) Chemical composition

{1} The inspection method, inspection rules and re-inspection of the chemical composition of aluminum alloy shall comply with the requirements of GB/T15115.

{2} The chemical composition of the sample can also be in accordance with the self-die casting, but it must meet the requirements of GB/T15115.

(2) Mechanical properties

{1} The inspection of mechanical properties, the inspection frequency and inspection rules should comply with the provisions of GB/T15115.

{2} When the die casting body is used as the sample, the size of the part to be cut and the test form should be negotiated and decided by the supplier and the buyer.

{3} The inspection of the geometric dimensions of die castings can be carried out according to the batch inspection or according to the regulations of GB2828 and GB2829, and the inspection results must meet the regulations of 3.3 of this standard.

{4} The ex-factory inspection of the surface quality of die castings shall be inspected piece by piece, and the inspection results shall meet the requirements of this standard.

{5} The surface roughness of die castings shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB/T6060.1.

{5} The surface of the die casting that needs to be polished shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of GB/T 6060.4.

{7}The surface of die-casting parts that needs to be shot blasted and sandblasted shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 6060.5.

{8} The test methods and inspection rules for the internal quality of die castings may include: X-ray photographs, non-destructive testing, metallographic pictures, and die casting sections, etc. The inspection results should meet the requirements of 3.4.6 of this standard.

{9} Other test methods and inspection rules shall be implemented in accordance with GB/T15114.

The above are the inspection standards used by China Die Casting Factory  when inspecting die castings.

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