Introduce China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer's Production Precautions

Update:11 Nov 2022

Zinc die castings are currently widely used in various decorations, such as furniture accessories, architectural decorations, bathroom accessories, lighting parts, various metal buckles, etc. Therefore, the surface quality of the castings is high, and good surface treatment performance is required. Therefore, China zinc die casting manufacturer has always had high-quality requirements for zinc die casting parts.

Issues that should be paid attention to in the production of zinc die casting, are the ratio of the new material to the return material such as the nozzle, the return material should not exceed 50%, and the general new material 70%: the old material 30%; the aluminum and magnesium in the continuous remelting alloy are gradually reduced; When the nozzle material is remelted, the remelting temperature must be strictly controlled not to exceed 430℃ to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium; it is better to use a centralized furnace to melt the zinc alloy in a die-casting plant with conditions so that the alloy ingot and the reheating material are evenly proportioned. The flux can be used more effectively, keeping the alloy composition and temperature uniform and stable. Electroplating waste and fines should be melted separately.

Many problems need attention in the manufacturing of China lead die casting.

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