Introduce The Delivery Precautions Of Aluminum Die Casting

Update:19 Aug 2022

Many Aluminum Die Casting used around us, ranging from various parts to large household appliances, all of which are inseparable from various alloy die castings. Today we will talk about the delivery, packaging, transportation, and storage of die castings.

1 The supplier shall provide the buyer with an inspection certificate to show that the inspection of each batch of die castings meets the requirements of this standard.

2 When the qualified die-casting parts are delivered, they must be accompanied by an inspection certificate. The following content should be written on it: product name, product number, alloy grade, quantity, delivery status, and manufacturer's name. Inspection mark and delivery time. If there are special inspection items, the inspection conditions and results should be indicated on the inspection certificate.

3 The packaging of die-casting parts should be firm to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the product during transportation and storage. The product name, product number, quantity, date of manufacture, and name of the sending and receiving unit should be indicated on the surface of the packing box or the label.

4 The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive gas environment.

These are the things China die casting factory pay attention to when delivering die castings.

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