Lead Die Casting Material Utilization Rate is High

Update:10 Jun 2022

Characteristics of Lead Die Casting casting process

(1) The lead alloy die-casting process can produce metal parts with complex shapes, clear outlines, and thin-walled deep cavities. . The dimensional accuracy of die-casting parts is high, the surface roughness reaches Ra0.8-3.2um, and the interchangeability is good.

(2) The utilization rate of lead alloy die-casting materials is high. Due to the high precision of die-casting parts, they can be assembled and used only after a small amount of mechanical processing, and some die-casting parts can be directly assembled and used. high productivity. Due to the high-speed filling, the filling time is short, the metal industry solidifies rapidly, and the die-casting cycle speed is fast. Easy to use inserts.

Things to pay attention to in lead alloy die casting process

(1) Due to high-speed filling and rapid cooling, the gas in the cavity is too late to discharge, resulting in die-casting parts often have pores and oxidized inclusions, thereby reducing the quality of the die-casting parts. Can not be heat treated.

(2) Die-casting machines and die-casting molds are expensive and not suitable for small batch production.

(3) The size of die castings is restricted. The types of die-casting alloys are restricted. Mainly used for die-casting zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy.

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