New Dyeing Technology And Equipment For Aluminum Die Castings

Update:22 Jul 2022

Judging from the current situation, my country's aluminum processing industry is being strongly impacted by various alternatives such as Shuogang. At its root, in addition to the poor thermal insulation of aluminum, the monotonous color of Aluminum Die Casting is also one of the main reasons.

Although spraying technology can solve the problem of monotonous color, covering spraying will cause aluminum products to lose the metallic luster of the surface, causing the surface to be rough, and the high production cost will make it more difficult for merchants to accept. Traditional oxidation-coloring-sealing technology and modern oxidation-coloring-electrophoresis technology, the development of the aluminum industry is also limited because of the monotonous color, and ordinary dyes cannot fundamentally solve the light stability and thermal stability of aluminum processed products. Sexual issues. So what equipment and conditions do new technologies need to be realized?

1、Dyeing tank: The depth and length of the dyeing tank are required to be the same as the oxidation tank. The width of the dyeing tank is 0.8-1.0m, and PVC must be used for corrosion protection.

2、Heating device: installed in the horizontal direction at the bottom of the dyeing tank, composed of a serpentine tube heat exchanger and a steam generator.

3、Stirring device: It is placed at the bottom of the dyeing tank and consists of a perforated PVC pipe and an air compressor.

4、Filtering device: It is composed of perforated PVC pipe, circulating pump and filter.

5、Oxidation process: normal oxidation must be carried out, and the thickness of the oxide film must be less than 10μm.

6、Hole sealing (electrophoresis) process: Hole sealing or electrophoresis must meet international standards.

The above is the equipment and dyeing conditions for the new dyeing technology of China Aluminum Die Casting Products .

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