What Causes The Cold Water Barrier Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure

Update:28 Jul 2020

Cold water-blocking defect of OEM Aluminum Enclosure is also called cold water-blocking defect, which is characterized by small metal flows butting each other but not fusing, showing irregular linear shape, which can be divided into two types: penetrating and non-penetrating, and has a development situation driven by external force.

The causes of cold water barrier are: the temperature of molten metal is too low or the mold temperature is too low; The alloy composition does not meet the requirements, and the fluidity is poor. The molten metal is filled in shares and the fusion is not good; The gate is not suitable and the process is too long; The filling speed is too low or the exhaust gas is not good; Low specific pressure.

The method to remove the cold water barrier is to properly raise the pouring air temperature and mold temperature; Adjust alloy composition to improve fluidity; When adjusting the pouring system and increasing the inner gate, improve the filling conditions; Improve discharge overflow conditions and increase overflow volume; Improve injection speed and exhaust conditions; Raise the specific pressure.

Measures must be taken to remove the cold water barrier defects in OEM aluminum enclosure die casting process, so as not to affect the quality and normal use of die casting parts.

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