Zinc Die Casting Process Ensures The Quality Of Zinc Die Casting

Update:22 Jul 2020

Zinc Die Casting process refers to the method, production process and technique of producing zinc die casting. The process of zinc die casting has a vital influence on the quality of finished products. Simply put, before zinc begins die casting; Generally, it is necessary to design dies, and the designed die-casting dies should be consistent with the drawings. After processing, the zinc die-casting parts produced by die-casting dies should meet the dimensional accuracy, shape, structure, precision and various technical indicators required by customers' drawings. And determine the machining position, machining allowance, machining process measures and positioning reference. The zinc die casting process is to ensure the quality of zinc die casting and improve production efficiency.

The technological differences are as follows: stamping is the cold extrusion processing of thin plates; Cold forging is the molding process below the recrystallization temperature of materials; Hot forging is a molding process above the recrystallization temperature of materials; Zinc die casting factory thinks that die casting and injection molding are similar, and liquefied metal is cooled and molded in the mold. As for the machining accuracy, it depends on the design requirements. Generally speaking, die casting and cold forging are relatively high, but the quality is reliable.

Comparison of quality and cost between zinc die casting and aluminum die castings;

If the structure and die casting process permit, it is of course more cost-effective to use aluminum. Because the specific gravity of zinc is about 2.6 times that of aluminum, but the price is equivalent, in terms of material cost, zinc die casting is two or three times more expensive than aluminum die castings. Many enterprises now want to use aluminum instead of zinc for die casting in order to save costs, but some characteristics cannot be replaced, because the strength, hardness and formability of zinc are better than those of aluminum.

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