Die Casting Surface Treatment Process

Update:04 Mar 2022

The rapid development of the automobile industry has driven the progress of product design and material selection. The customization of aluminum alloy die castings is immediately applied in more industries, and its surface treatment technology is perfect. Based on years of industry experience, I will take you to understand the surface treatment of magnesium aluminum alloy die castings. craft.

The surface treatment processes often used for aluminum alloy die castings include: oil injection, electroplating, oxidation, sandblasting, etc. According to the use and surface treatment requirements of different products, the surface treatment tests are also different. Common tests include salt spray test, abrasion test, high temperature boiling test, alcohol test, etc.

1. Die-casting aluminum alloy castings have high strength and surface hardness, and are suitable for CNC finishing.

2. Wide range and good castability.

3. High dimensional accuracy, low surface roughness, good stability and high productivity.

4. The surface treatment process is rich and mature.

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