Factors Affecting Production Efficiency of China Lead Die Casting

Update:03 Jun 2020

1. Select appropriate lead die casting machinery and equipment

Die casting machine is the most critical equipment in die casting production. The quality of performance also affects the quality of our die castings and the production efficiency of China Lead Die Casting. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good die casting machine.

2. Design of Lead Die Casting Die

Because the lead die-casting mold needs to fill the cavity in a short time, the flow system design requirements of the lead die-casting mold are relatively high. It is very wise to choose a professional lead die-casting factory. Die-casting precision lead die-castings are also a major test for our mold designer's experience and technical requirements. The design of a high-quality lead die-casting die can not only help us save production costs, but also help us improve the quality of die-castings and die-cast more precision lead die-castings.

3. Temperature of Lead Die Casting Die

The surface temperature control of lead die casting dies is also very important for the production of high quality lead die castings. Because improper mold temperature will lead to unstable size and easy deformation of the lead die castings we die cast, resulting in defects such as thermal pressure, mucous membrane, surface depression, internal shrinkage cavity and hot bubble. The large difference in mold temperature has different effects on variables in the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time. Therefore, lead die casting die temperature machine is an important attack to improve the quality of lead die castings, which can not only improve the quality of products, but also improve the production efficiency.

4. Selection of Lead Die Casting Material

The choice of lead material is also one of the important factors for die casting of high quality lead die castings. The major components and impurities in lead have a great influence on the quality of die castings, and we need to strictly control and master them. Therefore, we need to choose lead materials that do not contain some impurities that may cause intergranular corrosion.

5. Need professional lead die casting technical team

Even with a good lead die casting machine, a professional lead die casting tool designer, and high quality materials, we still need professional die casting technicians. Because it is impossible to die cast high precision lead die castings if it is not managed properly or operated properly, a professional lead die casting factory must have a professional die casting technical team.

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