Quality Is The Lifeline Of China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Update:12 Jun 2020

Quality is the lifeline of China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer. It is very important to do a good job in product quality. In the zinc die casting industry, the following aspects are generally used to check whether the product quality meets the standards.

1. Whether the product dimensional accuracy requirements meet the standards

Die castings are generally inspected by caliper, micrometer, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and high-precision inspection rods and other tools. Unnecessary or overly strict quality specifications should be avoided when formulating product precision inspection standards, because 100% defect-free is impractical and it is relatively reasonable to control within the scope of national standards.

2. Whether the internal quality is up to standard

Internal inspection includes penetrant inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, radiation transmission inspection, fracture inspection, tissue inspection, etc., as well as mechanical test and analysis test. Special inspections include pressure test, corrosion test, quality inspection, sound inspection, etc. For internal quality, it mainly focuses on the adverse effects caused by pores or shrinkage cavities, especially shrinkage cavities.

3. Whether the surface quality is up to standard

For external quality, if it is used for decoration or die castings that need electroplating and painting, strict inspection is required to check whether there are pitting, blistering, paint falling, color difference and other phenomena.

The above is the testing method for the quality standard of zinc alloy die casting products. According to different products and different quality requirements, a reasonable testing method is selected.

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