Die Casting Manufacturer Takes You To Know What You Don't Know

Update:17 Jun 2020

Die Casting Manufacturer can be specifically used in construction, hardware, equipment, construction machinery and other large machinery, machine tools, ships, aerospace, automobiles, locomotives, electronics, computers, electrical appliances, lamps and other industries, many people contact all day long, but in fact do not understand.

The carrier film on the surface of die castings has corrosion resistance, so it does not need further treatment in many applications. Some mechanical methods, the die castings and the selected abrasives and polishing agents are installed in a roller for rolling and grinding, and a good smooth surface can be obtained. Polishing can make the casting surface smooth and reflective, but the final effect depends to some extent on the hardness of the alloy type. Shot peening can obtain a matte surface, while wire brushing can obtain a flat matte surface. Some treatment methods, such as electroplating, painting and anodic treatment, can improve corrosion resistance and make parts look beautiful.

For die castings, various chemical dip coating methods can be used to obtain decorative corrosion resistant coatings. Die castings can be painted further or not. When abrasion resistance is required, chemical treatment alone is not enough, but it can be used as pretreatment before painting. Excess chemical solution on the surface can be washed off with clear water, then dried with cloth or dried naturally. If the die castings are to be painted, they must be finished as soon as possible and do not contaminate the die castings as much as possible. With suitable primer, die castings can be enameled, painted and varnished as easily as other materials.

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