Technical Advantages of China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Update:19 Jun 2020

China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer have introduced the main characteristics of zinc die castings: the melting point of zinc is relatively low, and the melting process occurs when the temperature reaches 400 degrees, which is relatively good for forming in zinc die casting. Zinc does not absorb iron in the process of melting and die casting, and zinc has good casting performance. During the die casting process, many die castings with complex shapes can be cast, and the surface of the castings appears very smooth after the die casting is completed. At the same time, the proportion of zinc is relatively large.

Zinc die casting technology is widely used in injection molding process. Its main advantage is to pay attention to improving the quality of castings. Those who know about zinc die casting all know that the runner and surplus material are part of the casting, and they are of little value in the casting, but these are still included in the cost of the casting. At the same time, the alloy also has recyclability. Generally, these surplus materials will be returned to the original supplier in exchange for new materials. If the supplier does not carry out good treatment, it will lead to air pollution and environmental hazards. There are many ways to recycle zinc die casting, and zinc die casting is an alloy composed of zinc as the main element, as well as other alloy elements, such as aluminum, copper, etc. The manufacturing process of zinc die casting is usually divided into two types, one is cast zinc and the other is deformed zinc. Each method has different characteristics for zinc casting.

There are many surface treatments that can be done for zinc die castings. The main function is to add a little different color to the surface of die castings, making die castings smoother, more beautiful and delicate. Zinc die castings can be electroplated, painted, electrophoresed, sprayed with oil, sprayed with powder, sprayed with paint, sprayed with plastic, passivated, etc. Each of them has different effects and different feelings. If you want strong metal texture, you can choose to do electroplating surface treatment.

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