Understand The Characteristics Of China Lead Die Casting

Update:08 Apr 2022

In recent years, China lead die casting has continued to develop and grow. The application of lead dies casting can be said to be very extensive. So what are the characteristics of lead die casting?

  1. The surface of lead alloy produces oxide, sulfide, or other double salt compound coating during the corrosion process, which has the effect of preventing oxidation, sulfidation, dissolution, or volatilization, so it is good in the air, sulfuric acid, freshwater, and sea Corrosion resistance.
  2. The lead alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity, low solidification shrinkage, less melting loss, and little change in composition during remelting.
  3. The deformation resistance of the lead alloy is small, and the ingot can be made into plates, strips, tubes, bars, and wires without heating, and without intermediate annealing treatment.

Lead die castings are good or bad. For some of the above problems, China zinc die casting manufacturer and lead die casting manufacturer will work hard to solve the problems and give you satisfactory die castings.

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