About The Performance Requirements Of China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Update:02 Apr 2022

We can also see precision die castings in ordinary times, and as more and more people use them, China zinc die casting manufacturer has also strictly regulated the quality. Zinc die castings, many people know and are familiar with, so naturally, there will be people who do not know or are not familiar with it. Let's take a look at the properties that die castings need to meet.

  1. The purpose of the die casting itself, is the performance requirements that need to be met. (1) Mechanical properties, tensile strength, is the maximum resistance of a material when it breaks; Elongation is a measure of the brittleness and plasticity of the material; Hardness is the resistance of the surface of the material to plastic deformation caused by intrusion or friction of hard objects. (2)Working environment status: working temperature, humidity, medium contacted by the workpiece, and airtightness requirements. (3)Accuracy requirements: achievable accuracy and dimensional stability.2.Good process performance: (1) casting process; (2) mechanical processing technology;(3) surface treatment technology.3. Good economy: the cost of raw materials and the requirements for production equipment (including smelting equipment, die-casting machines, molds, etc.), and production costs.

These performances such as China lead die casting and other die castings have strict requirements.

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