Performance Characteristics of Aluminum Die Casting

Update:27 Oct 2021

There are many aluminum die-cast products, and we often see them in our daily lives: the endless stream of cars running on the road, the street light poles on the street, and the mobile phones held by pedestrians are all products of aluminum die casting.

There is only a one-word difference between aluminum die-casting and aluminum alloy die-casting, so many people confuse the two. As everyone knows, in fact, these two kinds of die-casting are different, in order to help everyone better distinguish between aluminum die-casting and aluminum alloy. For die-casting, we will tell you in detail the differences between the two in terms of their performance characteristics, application scope and manufacturing advantages. When customers buy die-casting products, they can better choose the right die-casting products according to their needs.

The main raw material for aluminum die-casting is aluminum. After the aluminum is heated to a liquid state, it is injected into the die of the die-casting machine, and then it is die-casted. This is the basic process of aluminum die-casting. Aluminum has good fluidity and plasticity, so it is widely used in the die-casting industry, and the appearance of parts made of aluminum is beautiful, and the price of aluminum is not expensive, so the production cost is greatly reduced, which creates great More wealth.

The main production materials of aluminum alloy die-casting are alloy and aluminum. The aluminum alloy die-casting produced has a good gloss. After the aluminum alloy die-casting plant is formed, it needs to be polished. When the aluminum alloy die-casting is polished, adding Some nitric acid can inhibit corrosion and improve the brightness of polishing. The processed aluminum alloy die castings have good flatness and bright effects. Aluminum alloy die-casting is generally used in electronics, electrical machinery and other industries. Its performance is better and its toughness is greater. It is an important part of mechanical parts.

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